5 Useful Printer Troubleshooting Tips From Printer Repair Experts

Venture Computers - Article - 032315_imageYou may be tempted to toss that temperamental printer out the window, but before you call your local printer repair services, consider these tips you can follow that can help you get your printer up and running yourself.

Printer is Running Too Slow

If your printer is running too slowly, the solution may be something as simple as changing the settings. In printing mode in most versions of Windows, change the settings from normal to fast draft. Other solutions can include only printing from web sites without graphics, copying and pasting the text into a Word document, and upgrading your printer’s RAM.

Sending Print Jobs to the Printer

A common issue that technicians are called to handle is a failure for results after hitting “Print.” However, it is quite easy to fix on your own. Depending on the version of Windows you’re using, click “Start,” the Windows icon, then select “Devices and Printers.” From there, select the printer you want to make the default then choose “Select default as printer.” However, this may still be something you want to let your IT staff handle. There are also troubleshooting guides available online.

Prints are Light, Spotty, or Have Horizontal Lines

This may be caused by a clogged printer head. So this is another laser printer repair job you or your IT staff can perform on your own by running your printer’s utility program; it will then print a test page so you can determine if the issue has been resolved. Printers that are used infrequently can develop this issue, so try to use all your printers regularly.

Wireless Printer Is Too Slow

While it’s best to used wired printers to avoid any issues, if you use a wireless printer, it is recommended that you place it as close to your router as possible. If troubles persist, check the connection.

The Printer Tray Keeps Breaking Off

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that a provider of computer printer repair services will be able to help you with. However, this is something you can take care of before the printer even arrives at your office. Simply look at the printer tray and determine if it’s attached firmly. If it looks like something as simple as someone bumping into it will cause it to break off, opt for another printer.

If these troubleshooting tips fail or you and your IT staff feel more comfortable leaving it up to the professionals, call Venture Computers of Canada, Inc., one of the top printer repair companies in Toronto. We realize that your printer is an integral part of your business; that’s why we offer expert computer printer repair that’s both efficient and affordable. Contact Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. for computer printer repair today!