Benefits of Using a Cloud Backup Service

Venture Computers - Article - 181214_imageWith several high-profile hacks of major corporations and governments in the news, many organizations may be questioning the validity of cloud backup safety. And for any business considering online cloud backup solutions, this is a legitimate concern. However, cloud computing and security go hand-in-hand for many providers since their entire business is based around keeping their clients’ important data safe and making the transferring of files secure.

To that end, a quality cloud solution provider will take a number of security measures to ensure that your data is kept safe. Cloud security companies recommend that their customers look for the following in a cloud backup service, as well as suggest these precautions they can take themselves:

Do Their Cloud Backup Safety Measures Include SSL?

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is considered to be one of the best security measures for cloud backup solutions; it’s one of the same measures that banks use and is a favourite for cloud storage. SSL performs a variety of checks to make sure that a client’s computer is secure before they try to send any files over the Internet, only transferring files when it is sure that the connection is secure. The client is also provided with an encryption key once their data has been backed up; it is very important that they do not lose it, as this can result in lost data.

What Additional Security Do They Offer?

Cloud computing companies provide their clients with an additional layer of security once their data is backed up called the advanced encryption standard (AES). Many organizations also provide geographical redundancy, meaning that clients’ data is stored in more than one location so in the event of a disaster, their data will remain safe and secure in additional locations.

Once you’ve decided on a cloud backup service, quality cloud security companies recommend that their clients take the following precautions:

Back Up Your Data

Just having one copy of your important documents is not enough. That is why it is strongly recommended that you have multiple copies of your important documents: store one copy on your PC, one in the cloud, and one on other storage media, such as a thumb drive or external hard drive. When it comes to important information, being redundant is one of the best safety precautions you can take.

Be Careful About What You Put on the Cloud

As the recent hacking of several celebrities’ cloud accounts proved, you should be careful about what you place in the cloud. While it is recommended that you have multiple backups, sensitive files should be encrypted when you place them on the cloud as an added precaution.

Perform Frequent Image Backups

Even if you have a fast Internet connection, it is still recommended that you perform regular image backups of your computer. Image backups can take days, or even weeks, to perform, even if you have a lightning fast Internet connection, but doing this ensures that you will be able to recover from any disasters quickly.

Secure Your Cloud Account

Cloud computing and security should go hand-in-hand; this includes using strong passwords that you should not, under any circumstances, share with anyone. It goes without saying that you should also never log in to your cloud backup service on a computer you do not trust. Many cloud providers offer their solutions on a mobile platform, and it is recommended that you take the time to learn how to use wi-fi and public Internet connections safely. Finally, use common sense to avoid malware and phishing attempts.

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