The Future of the Cloud and Cloud Security

Venture_Computers_article_111214_imageLooking to 2015 and beyond, the cloud will have infiltrated close to 90% of all businesses in some capacity. Companies have accepted that cloud computing has too many advantages to ignore and employees are not only becoming open to new possibilities of remote work options, but they are, in fact, demanding it.

If you’re not familiar with the technology, cloud computing involves the networking of big groups of remote servers to create centralized storage and to allow remote access to various tools and services. The nature of this technology obviously creates some new security challenges.

With the cloud set to transform business and the business computing structure, the concerns of security continue to be an issue. It’s a matter proponents of cloud software will have to address if they hope to securely serve companies and individuals who utilize these applications on a daily basis.

Why the Security Concerns?

Cloud computing and storage have certainly made strides in how they’ve gone about protecting their users. One concern specific to Canada is how information will be accessed outside of Canadian borders and how to maintain security so files are not accessed unnecessarily or illegally by other governments.

But the more widespread concern is individual access. With employees having admission to corporate files and data that they can now access through their personal mobile devices over public networks, being able to protect that information has just expanded from locally within a corporate setting to an unbound public environment. This new security reality has made all previous perimeter security obsolete, which is why it’s no surprise that 75% of security decision makers expect an increase in their cloud budgets going into 2015.

No longer can network security strategies be separate from endpoint security strategies. It will be essential for any security solutions to consider where and how endpoint users are accessing information and to be able to monitor and secure those networks, be it online or offline.

Understanding Your Need for Cloud Computing

Part of being able to successfully adapt a security strategy is understanding what cloud applications are most useful for the operations of your business. Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. is knowledgeable in this sector and has provided IT consultation on how to properly implement cloud computing into systems to businesses across Toronto and the GTA. They also provide valuable information on how to adapt to an evolving cloud environment and have helped many companies become more efficient, both in their operations and in their spending, by applying cloud solutions.

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