Cloud Computing: The Future of the Legal Profession

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the wave of the future, with many industries embracing its convenience. However, and surprisingly, the legal profession is one of the fields that is lagging behind other industries in embracing cloud computing.

Venture Computers, the leading provider of cloud computing in Toronto, offers services to a number of fields, including law firms of all sizes. Whether you’re a large firm with offices on Bay Street in downtown Toronto or a small office in a suburb such as Mississauga, we will set up a cloud computing system in your office.

In fact, cloud computing can level the playing field for law firms, regardless of their size. If your law firm is currently considering implementing cloud computing in Toronto, now is the time to do so; you will be at the forefront of a revolution.

A law firm should have a smoothly operating IT system for three reasons: their day-to-day case management, predicting future events that may affect the firm, and most importantly, being able to easily provide information to their clients. We can smoothly integrate cloud computing in Toronto and educate your staff on its use.

Smaller law firms are the ones that stand to benefit the most from cloud computing in Toronto and the GTA. Since smaller firms may not have as many people on staff, they will be able to process information much more quickly. With our cloud computing solutions, large firms will still be able to process information and share it with their staff and clients quickly.

The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that it will allow your legal staff fast and easy access to important documents if they are in court via their mobile device, laptop, or tablet computer. It can also provide a way for staff to telecommute if they can’t make it to the office due to weather or are working from home, which can save on rent by leasing a smaller office.

Since law firms using cloud computing in Toronto is still in its early stages, we recommend that our legal clients get in on the ground floor. One of the biggest concerns that may prevent law firms from embracing cloud computing, regardless of size, is security. We provide secure cloud computing; your documents are safe with us when you hire us for cloud computing in Toronto.

Our data centre in downtown Toronto provides 24/7 security for all your cloud computing needs. We even provide backup power in the event of a power failure. After the extended blackout that parts of Toronto experienced in late 2013, many clients are now looking for data centres that provide backup power—which we do!

The legal industry is a profession that is still very dependent on physical documents; another reason why they may be slow to embrace cloud computing in Toronto and the rest of Canada. However, Venture Computers advises that having easy access to your firm’s documents means you can print them quickly.