How Cloud Computing Can Improve Employee Performance

Venture_Computers_article_101214_imageI think it’s safe to say that even in its relative infancy, cloud computing has infiltrated workplaces and forever changed how companies will operate in several key areas. Much of the early attention has been placed on how IT staff will benefit, but the roles of other employees are changing just as definitively.

How All Employees Have Benefited From the Cloud

One of the more clear advantages of cloud computing and how it has helped employees is having real-time access to files over different mobile devices. Long gone are the days of pulling files out of office drawers to acquire needed information that can only be accessed at work. Even e-mailing files from a work e-mail to your personal account so it can be worked on after hours is an outdated method. Cloud services allow you to save files automatically and access them from almost any device, even allowing other contributors to view the most updated edits.

This one aspect of cloud computing alone has transformed the workplace, because it makes having to go to the physical office an option instead of a necessity for employees. Being able to work remotely is another huge benefit of the cloud that employees have enjoyed, with many opting to complete assignments away from the office and in the comfort of their homes.

Utilizing the Intranet

This is one advantage of the cloud that hasn’t been fully utilized. While most companies do have some form of internal online communication, not all have personalized their intranet with content employees can actually use. The most functional intranets pull data from multiple applications and combine them into one interface where employees can access information on subjects such as training and benefits management and have a streamlined medium for communicating with other employees. Even at the current stage, however, having a capable intranet system vastly helps employees communicate and organize projects.

HR Employees Feeling the Benefits

Human resources shouldn’t be left out of this conversation; they’ve also felt the benefits of cloud computing and still have a lot of room for even more integration. Having data saved automatically has been a big advancement for HR workers, as has providing applications that allow them to handle unlimited scalability when it comes to variables, such as an increase in clients and transactions as the business continues to grow.

One of the bigger advantages of cloud computing as it relates to human resources is online customer service applications being able to integrate with enterprise applications in a way that is more efficient than past methods. No longer do customers have to go through the frustration of dealing with multiple applications; instead, HR is able to store and access customer information all in one place and that can be used anytime, whether to inform marketing campaigns or for strategic decision making. This is great because it shows a direct benefit to the company as a whole.

Get Your Employees Cloud-Savvy

It’s no longer excusable not to have your employees educated and up to date with utilizing cloud computing applications and software. The advantages are clear for employees and the entire company. Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. offers consultations for businesses looking to further integrate and educate their employees on how cloud computing can work to everyone’s advantage. Contact Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. now to schedule an initial assessment.

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