Cloud Computing Named Top Ten Technology Trend by Gartner


Cloud computing technology continues to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue when discussing technological trends that will have an immediate and lasting impact. While the impact of cloud computing is already being felt distinctly by organizations and individuals all over the world, IT research and advisory company Gartner has just added cloud to its predictions of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2015.

What exactly does that mean? Well, a trend is defined as strategic if the technology is thought to make a significant organizational impact within the next three years. Cloud computing certainly falls under that definition, although it can easily be argued that the impact of the cloud has already been firmly established.

Cloud and Mobile Computing

The specific aspect of the cloud that Gartner was referring to is the mobile computing potential. The company expects more content will be synchronized across mobile devices and that applications will eventually develop to support multiple devices being used simultaneously, with Gartner vice president David Cearley saying that “cloud is the new style.”

As far as its impact on organizations, cloud computing continues to quickly insert itself into businesses of all sizes, restructuring IT operations and redefining employee roles. Being flexible and scalable are two signatures of cloud computing, along with reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Consumers have utilized the cloud for its convenience and ability to securely store pictures and files. Though some may argue that security is the one question mark surrounding cloud computing, advancements have been made to address those concerns. And as the potential threats to the cloud become present, experts are more able to successfully resolve the issues and keep users protected.

Cloud on the Go

We’ve mentioned that one aspect of the cloud that is exciting is its convenience. Cloud applications like Google Docs are accessible on- or offline and allow for multiple users to make changes to a single document, with all of the changes being saved automatically. With it being possible to access cloud computing technology remotely, it has helped reimagine how and where employees are able to work.

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