Server Virtualization

With Server Virtualization, you’ll never again have to worry about maintaining or upgrading hardware every few years! We guarantee 99.9% up-time on virtual server hosting, so take advantage of our affordable and high quality service. With pristine hardware, a bespoke platform, and in-house network support, Virtualization can give you peace of mind!

Up time

Thin Client/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Let Venture Computers harness the power and versatility of desktop virtualization to meet your needs whilst staying under your IT budget. With our Thin Client/Virtual Desktop solutions, we can host and centrally manage your entire IT infrastructure in a secure Data Centre. Your users can enjoy the ability to personalize their desktops, as well as remotely access any required applications. We can also give you full access to manage your own environment if you prefer to be more hands-on with your IT infrastructure.

Storage Virtualization

Data storage can be virtualized to provide more flexibility and security. Protect yourself from accidental file deletion, fires, floods, or any other data disaster that can threaten your business and increase your IT demands.

Venture Computers is a Canadian pioneer of cloud solutions and the virtualization of IT environments. Our knowledge and experience in business-centric virtualization solutions is unmatched.


Virtualization allows for a more efficient utilization of network server capacity, simpler storage administration, reduced energy costs, and a better use of your IT budget; in other words, virtualization helps you save money, energy, and space.


Our consulting team can help you design and deploy your virtual IT infrastructure for the following services: server consolidation, application delivery, storage, and networking.