Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Now Available Through Venture!

We are excited to announce that Venture Computers of Canada is now one of 8 select companies authorized to distribute the Surface Pro 3 for business in Canada. Venture, a Microsoft Partner, brings this exciting full-powered PC to your constantly evolving business, matching it with our award winning service and support.

Gone is the need to have a heavy, but powerful, laptop: Surface Pro 3 packs desktop power into the ultimate slim portfolio-sized device. This is the first truly competent tablet that can actually replace your existing laptop or desktop computer. Powered by a choice of powerful and energy efficient Intel Core processors, rugged solid state hard drive, and 12” ClearType HD display, you can easily work all day on a single battery charge. The ability to expand your computer desktop with a secondary display or even projector make the transition from working in your office to presenting in the boardroom seamless. The Surface Pro 3 conquers doubts about whether a lightweight portable could truly replace a laptop in the office. The answer is yes.

With Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and Office 365 pre-installed, wirelessly connect to your company’s network for file and print duties, something no other tablet can do, this easily. Take advantage of Microsoft Lync being included to video conference with your team while working remotely. And, use OneNote to sketch, mark up documents, and share ideas on any device that has internet access. Truly, the Surface Pro 3 is your office computer, mobilized.

Now is the best time to equip your most valued staff with the Surface Pro 3 and boost productivity. Request Microsoft’s flagship tablet, a true laptop computer replacement, by speak with your Account Manager at 416-299-9877