Is It the Right Time to Update Your Hardware and Software Procurement Policy?

Venture Computers - Article - 010415_imageIf your organization has a strong hardware and software procurement policy, this will allow you to streamline your purchasing process, avoid any unnecessary risks, and stick to standards.

For many organizations, however, purchasing hardware and software can be complicated. But if those businesses have a strong policy in place or work with IT consultants, they can avoid any potential risks and optimize their business’ procurement policy.

Designate a Purchasing Authority

IT consultants can help to streamline the purchasing process for your company. Consultants will seek out the prices and policies with vendors and they may have a policy in place so that purchases are directed to your organization. Ultimately, letting the professionals handle hardware and software procurement for you removes much of the risk.

You May Qualify for Discounts

If your organization has software from a specific provider, such as Microsoft, you may qualify for a discount. Consultants can help to streamline your purchasing policy so you will receive any discounts you may be eligible for; this applies to your hardware, too.

Many organizations allow for direct payment to credit cards to further simplify the process and be approved for certain purchases; an IT consultant will also understand any terms and conditions on software purchases.

A Strong Policy Provides Checks and Balances

Having a strong procurement policy in place will ensure that no one tries to make any unexpected purchases, at least not without approving them first. In addition, many businesses prefer to let an IT consultant make their purchases for them, help to negotiate a discount, and/or avoid fraud.

Leave It in the Hands of the Experts

Your IT staff may be experts at handling the day-to-day operations of your business and any issues that may arise, but when it comes to purchasing equipment, they may not be as skilled. Leaving this task in the hands of IT consultants can not only avoid fraud and vendors overpricing purchases, but potentially avoids suppliers who are not suited to your organization’s needs.

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