Steps to Take When Bringing in Your Computer for Repair

When you’re bringing your computer in to be repaired, you want to be sure that your private information is safe. As the leading provider of computer repair in Toronto, Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. will respect your privacy and will leave any private files untouched.

However, we may just need to alter your operating system, be it Windows or Mac, and will require access to your password-protected administrator account. If you have any private or confidential files saved on your computer, we recommend marking them clearly so our technicians will know to respect your privacy and leave them be. Respecting our customers’ privacy is a big part of our computer repair in Toronto.

We will make every effort to protect the contents of your hard drive, but repairing your computer may require us to completely reformat it, which involves wiping it completely. If we have to perform a reformatting, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your files will remain safe:

1. Cloud services: There are many free or affordable cloud storage options available and you may already be backing up all your important files on a cloud. We always recommend that our customers back everything up just to be safe before bringing us their PC for computer repair in Toronto.

2. External hard drive: To free up space on their PC’s hard drive, many people use external hard drives for files such as music, images, and other documents. We recommend backing up and transferring any important files to your external hard drive prior to bringing it to us for computer repair in Toronto.

3. Password protection: While we will respect your privacy, we also recommend placing password protection on any files you wish to remain confidential.

In addition, our technicians may need to boot your PC; that’s why we recommend removing the password for the Windows logon rather than just writing it on a piece of paper. We also suggest that you write down all the issues that you are experiencing with your PC, print the list out, and attach it to your computer when entrusting us with computer repair in Toronto. You can also save it in a clearly marked and dated file titled “PC issues” on your computer’s desktop so we have a backup in the case of a misplaced printout. This will save us having to contact you for a reminder of the problems you are experiencing.

If you follow these steps, we will be able to repair your computer in an efficient manner and your important files will remain safe. It’s just one of the many ways that Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. offers the best computer repair in Toronto!

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