Trust Cloud Storage

There’s been a lot of fuss about the cloud lately, since the nude photos of celebrities leaked and spread all over the web. Hackers are apparently to blame for theft, breaking through the cloud security to get to the photos before eventually showcasing them across social media.

As a trusted IT consultant firm in Toronto, Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. recognizes that cloud computing and storage is still in the relatively early stages of its development. That is not in any way meant to diminish the significance of being hacked, but it does show us that cloud computing needs to continue building itself and stay focused on the mission at hand of safely storing and protecting all files or pictures.

We know all too well the importance of a reliable system of prevention to deter hackers from entering guarded walls. We’ve been providing our services as an IT consultant firm in Toronto to many clients within the GTA, showing them how cloud storage can be a huge plus in both overall cost and efficiency.

Celebrity hacking aside (the pictures weren’t all stolen from the cloud), cloud storage has made an immediate impact on small- to medium-sized businesses. And once federal government legislation outlines the scope and usage of cloud storage internationally, Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. will continue to offer its IT consultant services.

Right now, the cloud is the present and future of online storing. The sophistication of the software is ongoing, but it is slowly becoming the mechanism of choice for all businesses and individuals. Once business owners realize how much is to be gained by incorporating the cloud into their IT system, we’ll then see the dependency of cloud storage start to increase and expand. The cost savings are too significant and the simplicity of cloud computing makes it too appealing for most entrepreneurs to turn down.

Security seems to be the most pressing concern surrounding cloud storage, and governments scramble to figure out just how to handle all of those sensitive files being floated in cyberspace under codes and keys. As with most breakthrough digital products, the cloud must endure the early criticism and keep finding ways to quiet some of those security concerns—something they’ve done a good job of thus far.

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. has a strong grasp on the concept of cloud storage. Part of our services is to act as an IT consultant firm in Toronto and help show our clients how cloud storage can benefit their businesses. Education on the subject of cloud storage is important at this point, and Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. is here to do just that, as well as reaffirm that the cloud is here to stay. Contact us for more information today!


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