Responds to Survey Showing Cloud Computing Adds Value for SMBs

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. (, Toronto’s leading provider of IT support, hardware, software sales and services, and consulting, is weighing in on a recent study showing the majority of business executives believe their cloud service provider adds significant value to their business results.

According to a recent study by Oxford Economics, nearly two-thirds of business executives believe their cloud service provider adds significant value to their business. According to 71% of those surveyed, the biggest advantage of having cloud computing services and tools was the speed of operation and time to production. Roughly 70% said cloud computing results in unexpected cost savings, greater production efficiencies, and increased revenue.

“These results are encouraging, especially for small and medium sized businesses [SMBs], which are often touted as the economic backbone of the Canadian economy,” says Harris Tan, owner of Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. “Cloud-based services help businesses with production and growth. Unfortunately, however, many SMBs in the Greater Toronto Area don’t necessarily have the budget for huge IT departments.”

The total number of registered employer businesses in Canada, as of August 2013 (the most recent figure available), is 1,107,540. Of those, 1,087,803, or 98.2%, are small businesses (one to 99 employees). On top of that, 18,169 are medium-sized businesses (100–499 employees). Collectively, SMBs account for 99.8% of all employer businesses in Canada, with 35% of all SMBs being located in Ontario.

Tan explains that an IT support and service provider in the Greater Toronto Area like Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. can provide cloud solutions uniquely tailored to fit any business. When looking for a cloud solutions provider, customers should ensure they provide industry-standard security and customizable features, including automated backups and self-management.

“While it can be difficult to measure the cost of IT failures, your data is your business. How do you measure outages? Lost revenue and downtime? What about reputation? Despite the threat, the majority of North American businesses still don’t have an effective disaster recovery in place,” Tan concludes. “Cloud backup solutions provided by Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. will ensure that a company’s data remains safe and secure; avoids the threat of downtime, and is efficient because firms don’t have to back up the data on their own time.”

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