Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. Comments on Recent Study Showing Increase in Cloud Usage

Toronto, Canada, November 25, 2014 – Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. (, Toronto’s leading provider of IT support, hardware and software sales, services, and consulting, is addressing a recent study that found a strong increase in large enterprises that are utilizing some form of cloud computing.

The International Data Group has conducted a recent study around the application of cloud solutions and has made some interesting findings. The study found a 12% increase from 2012 in enterprises running on cloud infrastructure or applications, bringing the percentage of total enterprises using cloud up to 69%. (Source: Columbus, L., “Cloud Solutions Adoption Continues Accelerating In The Enterprise,” Forbes, November 22, 2014;

“These results aren’t surprising,” says Harris Tan, owner of Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. “The large percentage of enterprises already using cloud applications shows that not only is cloud the future, but it’s actually the present. And as the applications become more and more sophisticated, we’ll see an even greater usage of cloud solutions across the board.”

Further findings in the study show a 19% investment increase in cloud hosting and other cloud solutions among large-scale enterprises, which translates into $3.3 million per year. In addition, 2015 budgetary forecasts show that 24% of an IT budget will be dedicated to cloud hosting, with the majority of that budget dedicated to software as a service (SaaS) models.

Cloud hosting, cloud storage, virtualization—it was only a matter of time before larger enterprises recognized the value of all of these different cloud solutions and how much of an impact they can have on their business,” Tan adds. “From monetary savings to efficiency improvements, the benefits of the cloud are wide-ranging and becoming even sharper. The day will soon be here when we can say that all enterprises, small and large, are using some form of cloud application.”

”Many cloud hosting providers in Canada, including us at Venture Computers, have long recognized the value of cloud applications,” Tan concludes. “With the continued increase in cloud solutions, it feels like we’re really just getting started with cloud hosting, both in Toronto and worldwide.”

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