Venture Computers has joined the Cloud Managed Network revolution by becoming a Cisco Meraki reseller in Toronto

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. steps into cloud managed networks by becoming a Cisco Meraki reseller in Toronto.

A partnership between Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. and Cisco Meraki is a match made in heaven!

Venture Computers of Canada is a leading IT consulting firm located in Toronto, Ontario – who specializes in Cloud Based solutions, is proud to announce a new partnership with Cisco Meraki – an innovative leader in cloud managed networks.

With its unique business solutions and cloud specialization, Venture Computers was in the perfect position to become a Cisco Meraki reseller and offer the entire Cisco Meraki product lineup and to provide customers the ability to manage their entire networks through the cloud. By eliminating costly hardware setups and ongoing maintenance issues, the traditional ways of building network infrastructures are a thing of the past.

Cloud Solutions and Cloud Networking is here to stay, and many forward thinking customers will continue to adopt and recognize the many benefits and cost savings of managing their entire network securely and centrally within the cloud. With the new formed relationship between Venture Computers and Cisco Meraki, the new partnership will benefit many customers who are looking towards the cloud for a Venture Computer and Cisco Meraki Solution for their network infrastructure.

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Cisco Meraki Reseller in Toronto