Virtualization Eliminating Need for Physical Servers

History has shown that every generation, a new form of technology comes along that leads to a decisive shift in how we operate. These technologies offer a complete break from past operations and force users to understand new systems that previously never existed. In the IT world, the most recent technological shift has come in the form of the cloud.

Describing cloud computing as a trend would be undermining its relevance and impact on computing. The cloud is in the process of completely transforming how IT departments operate their systems and how everyday people go about storage, with the former moving from storing and controlling data by means of physical servers to operating on a primarily virtual system.

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. has been offering IT consulting in Toronto for some time now and we have seen how cloud hosting in Toronto has radically changed prior IT practices. Now, individuals in IT only familiar with old systems have to be retrained in order to understand how cloud computing can be utilized most effectively to benefit employees and the overall company.

When offering IT consulting in Toronto, we instruct our clients to always think of how the implementation of the cloud can benefit their business. Yes, the actual technology is great, but IT professionals have to be able to not only understand the capabilities of cloud hosting and its continually evolving nature, but also show its relevance as far as saving a business money, being more conducive to experimentation without high risk or high cost, the storage and security benefits, and its ability to be more responsive and agile in its testing of new analytic schemes. None of the things mentioned could have been done in prior years without costly spending, but now cloud computing has made these functions not only possible, but cost-effective.

Server virtualization alone, which is essentially one main server having the ability to virtually host multiple servers independently, usually under different operating systems, is a large jump from using multiple physical servers. On physical servers, IT departments needed only to concern themselves with backing up data, but with virtual servers, they are responsible for backing up the entire virtual machine, including the operating system and all files and applications associated with that system.

It’s a process that can literally take months, but with Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. offering IT consulting in Toronto, we can make the transition seamless and cut that time down by weeks. We have our own system that makes it possible for all our clients to be up and running in a much shorter time frame while continuing to offer consulting so everyone in the IT department is knowledgeable and familiar with cloud computing’s capabilities.

Small businesses in Toronto can truly benefit from our consulting services. We’re here to help your company transition into the future of cloud computing and be on top of the current technological shift which will soon be standard operations. Contact Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. for more information today!