Where Did the Term “Cloud Computing” Come From?

Business man pointing at cloud computing

Cloud computing is no doubt a buzzword you’ve heard regularly in recent years. Searching for it will bring up millions of results for companies offering cloud computing services. A news search brings up dozens of new stories every day.

But despite the frequency with which they hear the term, many find themselves asking a very integral question: what is cloud computing?

The simple cloud computing definition is a solution that allows users to access important files, software, and even servers via the Web.

Where Cloud Computing Began

The cloud computing definition that we use today was coined back in 1996 at Compaq computing, although the notion can be traced back to the 1960s when networked computers were first proposed. Even though the Web was in its early days of mainstream use, they were already looking at a way to move file storage onto the Web. In fact, their vision included a future where cloud computing would be common. Now, everyone, from major corporations like Apple right down to small data centres, offers cloud computing.

Despite its failure, Netcentric did make a few prescient predictions about the cost of cloud computing going down by the early to late 2000s. Now, one of the big pushes is to make the service more affordable.

What Cloud Computing Means to Different People

The definition of cloud computing varies greatly. For those in engineering and IT, it can refer to the network. For most others, it’s a way to store their important data and take care of other computing needs.

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